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We offer group coaching for mindfulness, fitness, yoga and leadership.


12:00 PM

Meditation: S.T.O.P.

Monique Leverington

Fri, Aug 6
Sat, Aug 7

05:00 PM

Yoga: Lateral Flow

Lauren Brown

Mon, Aug 9
Tue, Aug 10
Wed, Aug 11
Thu, Aug 12
Fri, Aug 13
Sat, Aug 14
Mon, Aug 16
Tue, Aug 17
Wed, Aug 18
Thu, Aug 19
Fri, Aug 20
Sat, Aug 21

05:00 PM

Yoga: Vinyasa Flow

Jenny Jaucian

Mon, Aug 23
Tue, Aug 24
Wed, Aug 25
Thu, Aug 26
Fri, Aug 27

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