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Anita Basu

Toronto, ON, Canada

Anita is a Registered Nurse, Personal Development and Mindfulness Coach. She completed Mindfulness Facilitation Training and her coaching practice works to co-create a therapeutic environment for self-reflection to identify thoughts, feelings and emotions that shape choices, habit patterns, relationships and ultimately our lives. She has been practicing meditation for 20 years and incorporates these years of practice and personal insights into her work with clients. Professionally, she draws from her training in cognitive behavioural therapy, mindfulness meditation, motivational interviewing and habit and behavioural change along with an evolving lens of humility, social justice and anti-oppression.

Anita seeks to understand her clients' unique stories and helps them mirror and identify habits that are yearning to grow as well as those that are calling for change; reflecting and identifying strengths to foster personal ease and wellbeing even amidst life challenges.

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