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Cindy Shuster

Lutherville, Maryland, USA

Cindy is a PCI® Certified Parent Coach and a certified Nurtured Heart Approach® trainer. She has both her Bachelor's and Master's Degrees in Education and was an elementary classroom teacher for 9 years. Cindy has 3 sons who are now 23, 20 and 17.

Cindy's own journey in parenting was not always easy and she found herself frustrated at the lack of real help or access to strategies that would truly create the change she was looking for in her own home. Through her decades as a mom to her three sons, and her years of studying all things parenting, She has developed a philosophy on parenting that has been transformational for her clients and workshop attendees. Cindy has worked with families all over the country to help them reduce the stress in their homes and bring the joy back into parenting. She has been asked to present workshops at several local schools and community centers and has been a featured guest on several local news channels and was recently interviewed on NPR about her roles as parent coach and parent educator.