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Corene Summers

Chicago, IL, USA

Corene is an expert in tailoring the ancient wisdom of meditation, mindfulness and other holistic mindset techniques to our modern world. She is the founder of Artisan Farmacy, an international well-being and meditation coach, Reiki Master, holistic counselor and life coach, certified Corporate Wellness Specialist© and entrepreneur. Corene is also a well-being expert, writer and workshop host/speaker for Entrepreneur Magazine and Under Armour.

After a decade working in wealth management, she founded Artisan Farmacy, where she helps her clients enhance their health, careers and lives overall through cultivating effective methods to cope with stress, reduce tension and optimize human performance; leading to increased energy, focus, creativity and success. Over the last eight years, she has studied many ancient holistic tools for healing and self-care (meditation and mindfulness, positive psychology, yoga therapy and anatomy, nutrition and Ayurveda, relaxation techniques, reiki, etc.) with incredible teachers throughout the U.S., India, Tibet, Nepal, Australia and Spain.

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