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Curtis Smith

Los Angeles, CA, USA

Curtis Smith is a motivational speaker and mindful education consultant who specializes in transforming school and workplace wellness culture. He created Moment of Mindfulness LLC (MOM); a mindfulness lifestyle, methodology, and company committed to empowering corporate and educational communities to activate their best intentions through culturally responsive and evidence-based mindfulness tools.

In 2013, he co-founded one of the top-rated public middle schools in Brooklyn, New York. In his 10th year as an educator, he led the mindfulness program that’s infused into the school's mission–Character Education. The impact of the program not only contributed to Vista Academy’s improved learning community, but also led to his work with New York City Department of Education District 19, where he facilitates and designs workshops for Barack Obama’s My Brother’s Keeper Alliance. He’s transformed thousands of lives in over 33 NYC Public schools by using music, movement, art, and writing to activate the science-based benefits of mindfulness. He
 holds a Master’s Degree in the Science of Education, a certification in Mindfulness and Loving Kindness from The Path and The Nalanda Institute, and is a RISE for Educators recipient from Kripalu‘s Center for Yoga and Health.