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Emily Marquis

Salida, CO, USA

Emily has a business degree and grew in the ranks of corporate HR for over ten years; specializing in shaping cultures, employee wellness, recruitment, and leadership development. She worked in various industries in national and international settings such as retail, manufacturing, hospitality/tourism, and healthcare. With a personal passion and challenges in health combined with seeing stress and health impacts in the workplace, Emily became a Board Certified Health & Wellness Coach.

Emily is also a certified Yoga & Meditation teacher and incorporates awareness, breathwork, mindfulness, and movement as tools to support their overall health and life goals. She is an NBC-HWC Health & Wellness Coach, recognized in the medical community and has her Master's in Health & Wellness Coaching. She works with organizations, schools, individuals, and groups on building tools for resilience to mindfully meet their health goals in a way that works for them. She believes everyone deserves to feel well and does not have to do it alone.

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