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Emma Reynolds

Castellon, Spain

Emma is an accredited teacher in both MBSR, and Mindfulness for Children (Mindfulness in Schools Project, UK). She began her journey with mindfulness after experiencing a life crash. She was in need of a practice which would help those noisy thoughts in her head, and she found it! Continuing with her curiosity and research, she discovered the method of MBSR. She learnt about what stress was, why we have it, and how we can be more mindful in our everyday lives to  better deal with life's ups and downs. She wanted to know more so she completed her first MBSR teacher training. She knew this method was a gift, and so it was then that she decided sharing this method was what she wanted to do with her life. 

Emma has now completed the full MBSR pathway training. She lives in Spain and works with the general public, mums, teachers, children and the corporate sector. She feels passionately that each one of us has the ability to change or discard unhelpful learned ways of being and teaches to anyone with an open mind.