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Gayle Van Gils

Florida, USA

Gayle is a dynamic, experienced and in demand mindfulness professional with a current focus on mindfulness and wellness in the workplace. She is the award winning author of Happier at Work: The Power of Love to Transform the Workplace, and also the creator of Smart Tips: Wellness - a new course hosted by Udemy for Business, offering inspiration and guidance to upgrade one’s physical, emotional, social and financial wellbeing.

Gayle is an experienced meditation teacher, and a certified instructor of Search Inside Yourself - the mindfulness and emotional intelligence training developed and proven at Google. She is a popular mindfulness teacher and a Goleman EI meta-coach, helping leaders and other coaches to deepen their Emotional Intelligence. With her unique combined background of an MBA from UCLA, a Psychology BA from Duke, and decades of practicing meditation Gayle continues to help thousands of people to find more peace, energy, inspiration, joy and success in their lives and businesses.