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Jade Pleming

Austin, TX, USA

Jade Pleming is a certified yoga instructor with a chosen purpose of helping people learn to love themselves. As a practitioner of yoga since the age of 18, she became a professional instructor at the age of 30 after experiencing massive burnout following a career in the tech industry. Sharing this ancient discipline and practice with others is now her biggest passion, and has taken her to all corners of the world in the process.

With over 1000 training hours completed and six years of experience teaching professionally, Jade has developed her own style of yoga teaching that brings one's sense of humor to the forefront. She believes strongly in the powerful effect that daily movement can have on mental and physical health alike, but also has come to understand that in order to really exist in the present moment, we have to first agree to meet ourselves as we are, with loving kindness. Her yoga flows are powerful, focusing on functional movement, developing strength and length in the muscular body, and establishing a mind-body connection that results in feeling great and embodied.