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John Siddique

Hebden Bridge, UK

Born in the United Kingdom, John initially had a difficult early life and rebelled against school and society. He later attended Manchester University as a mature student gaining a Master’s Degree in Literature. His study of meditation, yoga, and inner healing began at the age of fourteen, at first from books, then in the deep practical study of Christianity, Mahayana and Zen Buddhism, Taoism and Vedanta, before setting all labels aside after a profound shift in consciousness and a near death experience.

John is a teacher and writer who is not aligned with any particular religion, philosophy, or tradition. His life is dedicated in service to helping people live their most authentic and awakened lives. John has published six books and had numerous pieces published all around the world. He has written for BBC National Radio including programs on Near Death Experiences and The Cultural Impact of The Indian Partition. John also serves on an editorial board for the Royal Literary Fund.

John aims to guide and inspire the individual to discover, awaken and express their true nature and purpose. His work strongly promotes the need for us to take a conscious role of service within our own lives, and our structures of community and society, in which we heal and move from fear to authenticity based in love.