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Mehreen Burki

Princeton, NJ, USA

Mehreen is a Clinical Nutritionist with 12 years of experience dedicated to helping people heal their bodies with nutrition. She has a bachelor’s degree from Wheaton College with a focus in Chemistry and MS in Clinical Nutrition from New York University. She has been a Registered Dietitian since 2008. Currently serving as the Outpatient Oncology Dietitian at Penn Medicine Princeton Medical Center, she has developed, implemented, and managed nutritional services for the Cancer Center, including the creation of her successful Weight Management program. She also specializes in creating various nutrition and lifestyle programs throughout different communities. She prioritizes building personal connections with her clients to identify key influences of their nutritional habits such as daily routines, cultural background, and home environment. By providing realistic and applicable wellness tools. Mehreen’s clients can be confident in managing their own dietary choices while learning to prevent and manage common ailments through nutrition and weight management.

Prior to her role at Princeton Medical Center, Mehreen was an inpatient dietitian at Mount Sinai Medical Center in New York City and Stamford Hospital in Connecticut where she practiced nutritional support in the Intensive Care Units, Oncology, and Neuroscience. Given Mehreen’ s strong clinical background, she emphasizes evidence-based nutritional recommendations to help individuals and families improve their nutritional lives.