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Nicole Edel

Costa Mesa, CA, USA

Nicole began her personal practice of meditation and yoga over 10 years ago and fell in love with it instantly for its many benefits of the mind, body and soul. After backpacking throughout Southeast Asia, she realized she wanted to pass on all the benefits of yoga to others and enrolled in a yoga teacher training shortly thereafter. Nicole has been teaching for over five years now and has begun to teach other fitness classes such as HIIT and circuit training, as well as Personal Training. She has taught everyone from kids to seniors to adults with mental illness.

Nicole is passionate about using fitness as a tool for not only physical well-being, but mental and spiritual well-being. She hopes to bring the same joy and peace of mind brought to her, to all of her students. When Nicole is not teaching at the studio you'll find her tumbling around at acroyoga, climbing mountains or chilling at the beach.  

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