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Nuño Aguirre de Cárcer, Ph.D.


Dr. Nuño, founder of veluvana.org, is a Literature Scholar (PhD) and a mindfulness instructor, who aims to bring the deep wisdoms of Eastern traditions into the Western world. An author of two poetry books in Spanish, his background in Comparative Literature (PhD at Autónoma University, Madrid) enabled him to study the connections between contemplation and creativity, through the work of contemporary writers. In 2015, he founded Veluvana.org, to deliver online meditation courses to the Spanish-speaking world. So far, over 300 students from companies such as the Spanish Foreign Ministry, the USA Embassy in South Africa or IBM Johannesburg have benefited from his courses. He is also the co-founder of MindEdu.es, the first platform focused exclusively on children and teenagers in the Spanish-speaking world.

He went on to obtain a Postgraduate Diploma in Buddhist Studies (South Wales University) and another on Mindfulness-based Interventions (Stellenbosch University). In 2018, he obtained the prestigious Varela Grant, from the Mind and Life Institute, to investigate the effects of mindfulness practice in academics of four South African Universities.

His mission is to bring bringing top-quality meditation teachings into the Hispanic world, with a focus on accessibility for all. His perspective is secular and non-sectarian, with a strong decolonial orientation: the emphasis on scientific validation of the meditation practices must go hand-by-and with the acknowledgment of the often disavowed traditions from where they stem.

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