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Paula Pyne

Ottawa, ON, Canada

Paula is a Certified Integral Master Coach, a Mindfulness Coach, and teacher known for her calm, compassionate and charismatic presence. She is a source of inspiration and a catalyst for mindful, positive change. She is an associate and member of the Telfer Executive Programs, in Ottawa, where she teaches her signature workshop: Wellbeing for Leadership Resilience. She’s a member of the facilitation team with Wilfred Laurier’s Positive Psychology Certificate Program, where she teaches Self Care. She is also a lifelong student and teacher of yoga and meditation and joyfully shares these practices with her community.

Her unique approach to leadership development begins from the inside out and blends foundations of ancient wisdom, mindfulness, and positive psychology. As a highly skilled teacher and coach, she's most passionate about supporting others from a trauma sensitive lens and meets people where they are at to empower positive action through personal agency.