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Sabrina Sarabella

New York, NY, USA

Sabrina Sarabella, M.S. is a Clinical Nutritionist, personal trainer and fitness instructor. She is the author of the Woman’s Guide to Empowered Health. As a clinical nutritionist, her specialisations are weight/fat loss, digestion, hormonal balancing, brain chemistry balancing, auto-immune issues, food sensitivities and much more.

Sabrina loves to talk about health and wellness, bake healthy protein treats and help others to be their healthiest self. When she’s not working or working out, you can find her enjoying the beach or grabbing a cocktail and a bite with friends. She has struggled with health issues herself over the years and went from doctor to doctor to find answers. She finally took her health into he own hands to find her own solutions and now her mission is the help others live their healthiest life. She believes that you can be fit and healthy while still enjoying an exciting social life. Health and happiness are her motto.

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