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Serena Scanzillo

Philadelphia, PA, USA

Serena is a certified fitness and nutrition coach from NESTA and a NASM Personal Trainer. She is also AFPA Certified Trainer of Special Population & Certified Functional Training Specialist. She was a Bariatric Exercise Specialist at GW University Hospital. When Serena first started coaching in 2008, she didn’t know the impact she could have on people’s lives. Serena quickly learned the power of self-development through discipline; fitness was at the core. She has worked with hundreds of people and helped them transform their mindsets, routines and bodies.

Her journey being a trainer and coach has gone from teaching basic bootcamp classes, to a high-quality, live, two-way training experience matched with an undeniable skill she brings with her wherever she goes. She aims to always put the clients first, listen and deliver a workout that provides relevance and meaning to their fitness goals.