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Tessa Spisak

Texas, USA

Tessa is a Certified Nutritionist, Health and Life Coach, Weight Loss Specialist, and Corporate Wellness Consultant. When it comes to health and wellness, she uses evidence based methodologies to address the person and their mindset, not merely the weight or illness. Her approach is to guide in the understanding of how to balance ever changing life events, daily responsibilities, navigating nutrition, and taking on the multitude of aspects surrounding keeping the mind and body as healthy as can be within today’s society.

Tessa utilises both individual and group settings within her practice. On an individual level, she understands the importance of meeting someone where they are, while developing S.M.A.R.T. goals and a realistic plan on how to meet them. In many cases, this involves working alongside physicians or medical professionals offering a functional nutrition approach for nutrient-aided recovery or prevention. Within the corporate wellness or group setting, she works on a spectrum, providing seminars and group discussions, break room restructuring or healthy habit initiatives, and group fitness classes and personal training sessions.

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