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We are fully committed to helping our community through the Covid-19 (Novel Coronavirus) Pandemic

As a result of this pandemic, we are seeing a tremendous need from enterprises to help their remote workforces acclimate. Wellness Coach is here to support these companies, much like yourself, with tools to reduce stress, anxiety and learn how to be resilient.

We are extending FREE access for unlimited licenses to every company for next 90 days (or as long as we are in the crisis)

If your company is not registered, please register here:

If you were affected by a Corona virus related layoffs, we are extending free access until dec 31st so you can get the mental health and fitness tools at no charge. To redeem, please visit https://www.wellnesscoach.live/promocode and create your account.

How to get premium access:

Log in via company email (e.g. first.last@company.com) and you will get a 1 time 4-digit password at your work email. Once you log in, you are all set.

Download the app here:

Please try this 5 min mindfulness practice

Navigating through uncertain times

To help our community through this stressful and uncertain time, We are sharing a few classes and tools here that are in the Wellness Coach app which can help you and your team ride through this:

More features on the app for Remote working


Bedtime Stories for adults and kids, more being added every week


Easy to intermediate fitness classes that are designed to be done at home, with very little to no equipment needed and the space the size of a yoga mat

Yoga and Stretching

These are gentle movement classes for all levels

Together we can reduce stress and anxiety 🎉

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