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Our mission To inspire 5 billion people to be their best selves.

Our Story

We are a live, interactive, and data-driven wellness platform with a mission to inspire 5 billion people to be their best selves.

Re-invent the workplace by helping team members find their true purpose. Our unique set of panels, courses, classes and on-demand content is specifically designed to reduce stress, improve sleep, and help you develop emotional intelligence and learn valuable skills to thrive at work and in daily life.

Our Culture

Mindful Meetings

We start every company-wide meeting with a group meditation session

Charity Donations

We give back to our global community through programs like referrals for charity

Life First

All of our staffers work remotely and have flexible schedules

Meet the Founders

Julie Sharma

Co-Founder / Chief Content Officer

D Sharma

Co-Founder / CEO

Bhartesh Chhibbar

Co-Founder / COO

Our Investors and Advisors

Steve Murray

Early investor Fitbit

Eric Yuan


Dennis Phelps

Early investor Snapchat

Manoush Aghakhani

HR Rubicon

Mary-Ellen Barto

Ex-VP Marketing, Arby's

Jen Gentry

HR, Intuit

Surojit Chaterjee

CPO CoinBase

Mike Linton

CRO Ancestry

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Find out how our data-driven platform can help your workplace reduce stress and improve overall wellbeing.

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