Meet Your Team’s All-in-One

wellness solution

Available everywhere you work.

Meet Your Team’s All-in-One

wellness solution

Available everywhere you work.

Wellness coach Inspires Engaged Workforces with Proven Effectiveness

Meet the All-in-One Wellness Solution built to empower employees, unify teams, and transform culture.


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Drive employee retention and engagement

Wellness Coach makes it easier than ever for employees to access and prioritize holistic wellness at work and at home. We empower businesses to proactively address their teams feelings of stress, anxiety, and burnout by giving them easy access to hundreds of certified coaches, well-being content, live wellness classes, and more.

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Stop employee turnover in its tracks

Wellness Coach helps HR + People leaders drive the engagement and culture of wellbeing that organizations need to retain happy, productive workforces. See for yourself how we track engagement and progress with our HR Dashboard

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We are the only wellness app that meets Your Team wherever you work

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Personal Coaching

We offer 1-on-1 coaching sessions for employees to focus on becoming their best selves at work — and in life.

Wellness Challenges

Start healthy competition with your colleagues (or the whole company!) in a variety of inspiring challenges.

3000+ On Demand Classes

Dive into a diverse library of content in over 15 wellness categories with new content is added weekly. Now featuring Les Mills Fitness!

Live Community Coaching

Join members from all over the world to engage with our coaches in real-time from a daily schedule of classes.

Team Coaching

Create a thriving and inclusive culture for teams by enabling them to work toward wellness goals together.

Join a Thriving Community of Enterprises

Trusted everywhere, Wellness Coach is the #1 Employee Wellness and Coaching Platform.

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Join over a thousand enterprise teams using Wellness Coach

Take A Moment For Wellness, You Deserve it

Pause to reset your mind and body during the workday with a few our our favorite videos

6 minutes

How to Make Freezer Fudge

Ana Alexandre

3 minutes

Upper Body Strength

Pearl Fu

5 minutes

Fully Activate Your Meeting Mindset

Selena Lael

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