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”I've been joining my colleague for 6:30am sessions for a couple of weeks now and I love it! The coaches are so engaging that it feels very personal.”

Wellness Coach

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Are your employees overwhelmed and stressed? Is your organization struggling to increase engagement and reduce turnover?

Wellness Coach is the only all-encompassing, digital wellness platform with a 96% effectiveness score and over 50% employee engagement rate.

Learn how to achieve these results and your team’s wellness goals by scheduling a free demo of Wellness Coach Enterprise.

Wellness Coach Wellness Coach

Take a holistic approach to team wellness

Show your employees just how much you care about their well-being by supporting all areas of their wellness through Wellness Coach

Wellness Coach

Mental Well-being

Help employees manage symptoms of burnout, stress, and anxiety by offering live and on-demand sessions with expert, real-life coaches.

Wellness Coach

Physical Well-being

From sleep habits and healthy-eating to flexibility and strength-training, employees can access daily on-demand fitness sessions

Wellness Coach

Social Well-being

Provide access to sessions on ways to improve workplace relationships, active listening techniques, and empathetic communication

Wellness Coach

Financial Well-being

Certified, financial professionals can help your employees organize their finances, overcome debt,and plan for their long-term goal

Plus, Even More Features:

Wellness Coach

Easy implementation and setup process:anyone with company email automatically eligible, allowing launch in minutes

Wellness Coach

Replays of past live community classes and exclusive private classes

Wellness Coach

Calendar block and reminders for private coaching

Wellness Coach

5 additional licenses for family and friends: improve not just your team’s wellness but also their family’s wellness

Wellness Coach

Automated deletion of logins for employees no longer in your organization

Wellness Coach

Weekly wellness checklists

Wellness Coach

Access the Wellness Coach on iOS, Android, and desktop

Wellness Coach

Wellness Consultant and Account Management included

Wellness Coach

Automated weekly reports

Wellness Coach customers are transforming the lives of their employees

Our company started using the Wellness Coach app as a way to increase our employees overall wellbeing, especially during the pandemic. We have offered free onsite Yoga and Pilates classes in the past and participation was always so low. We started with the Wellness Coach trial to see what our employees thought, and quickly realised this is the way to go.

Wellness Coach

Kristen Weber


I’ve been very happy with the progress. Over half of the company is participating and they are encouraging each other to participate building a community with people they haven’t met, that has been also a win for their health and well-being.

Wellness Coach


Co-founder of Heart and Paw

One of the ways we’ve been able to make a digital shift with our wellness program has been through Wellness Coach. We promote the different programs through social media, and employees located around the world can improve their wellness through meditation and yoga offered by our company. It’s really made a difference in our culture and in our employees’ lives.

Wellness Coach

Michelle G

Senior Manager of Global Benefits, ANSYS

Join over a thousand enterprise teams using Wellness Coach

Access exclusive features

to monitor employee engagement and interests

Customized Usage Report:

Know exactly how your wellness program and investments are performing with the Employee Wellness Index (EWI), Reporting Dashboard, and weekly usage reports

Create leaderboards and progress badges to encourage employee engagement and participation. These features are only accessible for Enterprise customers.

Wellness Coach

Take the stress out of providing wellness benefits to your employees.

Discover how with a free demo of Wellness Coach.

Wellness Coach