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Slack App Integration

Seamlessly connect Your Workplace Slack with Wellness Coach.

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Wellness Coach + Slack

Start a Mind or Body session directly within your Slack channel. Simply tell us how you’re feeling and we’ll provide you with the perfect class to meet your or your team’s needs.

Remote Work-Friendly

Sessions are designed to be completed from the comfort of your home office, from 5-minute or less classes that don’t require any workout equipment to seated yoga sessions made to relieve tension in your neck and shoulders.

Built for Team Wellness

You can share the app in any channel, begin your team meetings with a group wellness session, send reminders to your colleagues, and more.

Personalized for You

Set in-app notifications to remind you to take a short break, anywhere from 15 minutes to 3 hours. There’s even a Water Breaks feature to help you remember to stay hydrated during the day.

Follow the easy steps below to integrate Wellness Coach to Slack

Click Install Slack App

Choose a channel used by everyone in the company and click on “Allow”.

Integration Successful

App is now installed to your workspace, click on “Open in Slack”.

Boosts your productivity!

You will receive a daily meditation recommendation, a beautiful quote and link to launch the class.

Together we can reduce stress and anxiety 🎉

Add Wellness Coach to your channel to receive daily meditations and beautiful inspirational quotes.

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