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Wellness Coach offers three tiers of team wellness options with varying levels of support, features, and reporting. Choose the one that’s right for your company.

Small business

1 - 10 Employees
What’s included:

3000+ On Demand Classes, 80+ new classess added each month

Live group classes

iOS, Android, Web, Slack, Teams and Zoom Access

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Medium business

11-100 Employees
All Small business features, plus:

5 friends and family licenses

Custom team challenges

Customer success manager

Wellness audio books

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Enterprise business

more than 100 Employees
All Medium business features, plus:

Dedicated Customer Success manager

Implementation support

Branded Logs & Internal Marketing

Launch and Quarterly Engagement Support

Monthly Usage Reporting

Coaching Discounts

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Frequently Asked Questions

Still have questions? Please Contact us.

How do I invite my team?


Once a company is registered on Wellness Coach, the person who initiatied the trial will get a welcome email. All you have to do is forward that welcome email to the whole team. That's it. We see adoption rates of up to 90% in 72 hours as we have made it very easy to roll out and manage the adoption process.

Do you share employee usage data?


We do not share personal data with anyone. We do, however, send a monthly report called: EWI - Employee Wellness Index, to each company signed on with Wellness Coach. This report helps to measure trends like increased stress or reduced anxiety etc.

How is an enterprise account different from a regular consumer subscription?


Enterprise accounts with Wellness Coach receive rollout and adoption assistance, periodic reporting, special live group classes, and a dedicated account manager. Consumer users only get access to the Wellness Coach app.

How is your app’s privacy policy?


View our privacy policy here

Do you offer private wellness coaching for individuals?


Coming soon. Please reach out to us at info@wellnesscoach.live if you are interested.

Do you offer live classes and/or courses?


Yes, we offer several live classes almost every day! View the full live schedule here. If you are interested in live courses for your company, please click here.

Is your app only available on a mobile device?


You can access Wellness Coach on our web app , mobile apps (Android, iOS) and marketplace apps (Slack, Zoom,Teams)

Are live classes available on the free version of the app?


Yes and we would love to see you soon in our free live community sessions!.

The company I work for is registered for Wellness Coach. How do I log in as an employee?


Launch the app on any device and use your company email address to log in. You will instantly have access to all classes and features!

Did not get 4 digit passcode or welcome email?


Please check your Junk folder and add wellnesscoach.live to safe senders list or email us at info@wellnesscoach.live.

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