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Starter Plan

$4 month/license
(Billed Annually)
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Access: 3,000+ on demand and live sessions in the areas of mental, physical, social, emotional, nutritional and financial wellness

Engagement: Launch over 30 walking, mind, body and sleep challenges to improve culture and build community

Integrations: Accessible everywhere you work including Zoom, Slack, Microsoft Teams

Sharing: Every employee receives five memberships to share with friends

Data & Insights: Dashboard provided to track trends and engagement

Premium Plan

$14 month/license
(Billed Annually)
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All the benefits of the Starter Plan, plus:

Personal Coaching: Includes four one-on-one coaching sessions every year for all licensees

Working with our coaches, employees are supported to reach their unique goals through dedicated individual guidance

We offer Personal Coaching across all our wellness categories with hundreds of coaches from around the world

Account Management: Dedicated support from our team and guided best practice tips

All Access Plan

$39 month/license
(Billed Annually)
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All the benefits of the Premium Plan, plus:

Unlimited Personal Coaching: Wellness Coach is the only platform that offers access to unlimited coaching. Meet with as many coaches across categories as like as often of as you want. Enjoy one-on-one guidance for all your goals: physical, mental, professional, financial and more!

Team & Leadership Coaching: Join colleagues in stress reduction techniques, cooking classes, stretching, DE&I, Mindful Team Leadership, Resilience + more. Our customer success team is at your service to find the coach and topics that aligns most to your teams’ wellness goals.

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All plans Include access to Wellness Coach across platforms

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Meet with a Wellness Coach engagement expert to discover a plan that’s perfect for your team.